How much protein do women need?

Protein is often the forgotten macronutrient, particularly with the trend towards eating less animal products. Carbohydrates and fats tend to appear in every meal unless we are actively excluding them however protein often has to be added.

So how much protein do women need?
The average moderately active women requires approximately 25gm of protein per meal. This will increase during pregnancy, high intensity exercise and with specific health conditions.

What does 25gm of protein look like?
– 120gm meat- 150gm fish- 2 eggs + 50gm goats feta- 250gm quinoa + 2 eggs- 250gm kidney beans + 25gm goats feta- 500gm quinoa (which we don’t recommend eating in one sitting)- 1.5-2 scoops of protein powder- 60gm sunflower seeds + 200gm cup lentils

How much meat should I be eating?
We recommend 1 serve of meat per day. Reserve your other two servings to one vegan meal and one meal with animal products excluding meat.
If you find it hard to digest meat we recommend slow cooking for a min. of 6 hours and taking something bitter such as a rocket salad 15 minutes before a meal.

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